Andrei Seleznev is a Russian-Australian writer of literary and speculative fiction and poetry. He is based in Melbourne. His work draws influence from magical realism, the post-Soviet diaspora, and the Australian immigrant experience. Outside of the literary world, he works in cancer research as a bioinformatician and plays bass in the band Lorikeet.


The War is a Bird With a Broken Wing - Overland #226 2017

A look at the Russian-Ukranian conflict from a domestic Russian perspective.

Love is a foreign city - Gargouille Issue #5 2016

A poem about love in liminal spaces.

There I Was, on the Border Checkpoint - Andromeda Spaceways #64 2016

A Russian power couple are stopped at the Latvian border in their Lada. Featuring neo-Pagan tattoo artistry and in-depth research into the 90s rouble exchange rate.

The Only Train to Woonaburra - Middle Planet #2 2016

A train pulls up at a station in the middle of nowhere. A woman sure has a strange job.

Watercolor - F(r)iction Online Tethered By Letters 2015

A dumb jerk bumbles through a one-sided love affair with a painting.

Mum, I'm in Love with Krampus - Krampus Crackers Collection Tiny Owl Workshop 2014

Saint Nick can be a pretty sour boyfriend, so when you meet a sexy mythological creature at a Christmas in July party, it's best to ask mum for advice.


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